A Boy’s Life

I’m having my first child in less than a month…a boy, in fact. Like any father-to-be, I’m going through a range of thoughts, worries and anxious moments. I’m not sleeping very well and I’m already tired from anticipation and uncertainty. This of course, is not a good situation since months of true sleeplessness are just around the corner. Everyone says, “Get plenty of rest now, because you’ll need it when the baby arrives.” Thanks for the sage advice folks but I’d love to know how y’all caught Z’s with your baby ready to join the population in four weeks. Truth is, my sleepless nights are nothing compared to my wife, Samantha’s frustrating nighttime struggles. With 30 extra pounds up front, an intense urge to pee every 20 minutes, minimal position options and an active little boy routinely kicking 30 yard goals in her belly, sleeping is a chore at best.