about me


From where I sit, great design is made better by equally compelling words. Or not. Knowing when, what or if something more is needed is the art of experienced creative direction.

Yes, I’m a Creative Director/Copywriter with over 14 years of experience on both the agency and client side, so bridging that awkward gap of communication between the two is where I hang my hat (it’s a tattered baseball cap that I just can’t part with). I’m a long time copywriter at the core so I know the power of words for compelling people to act or react. It starts with an idea – usually a few bad ones are kicked to the curb – before things really start to hum. And then when it all starts to happen, there’s big, big energy. It’s an energy that launches powerful campaigns, creates engaging videos, and builds brands. You’ll find me there.

Digital and content strategies, multi-faceted ad campaigns, traditional print, company re-branding, video direction, script writing and social, I’ve gone deep into all these areas for a wide variety of clients, agencies and businesses. Just add coffee and boom, here we go.

You should probably know the other things that make me tick too.

Getting outside – surfing, snowboarding, skating, climbing, cycling, old Vespas and traveling.

Getting inside – reading, raiding record bins, painting, and Dad-life. Yeah, being a dad tops all.

Let’s talk sometime.