What a drag it is getting old

I’ve been feeling old lately. This is really the first time I’ve felt that way since most people tell me I look way younger than my actual birthdays. Looks aside (yes, the gray hairs are there and my mug is a bit more lined than when I was 30), I’m feeling older because I’m getting grumpier. And more sore every morning. And complacent. Oh man, that complacency thing is a real kick in the shorts. I’m an active guy, someone who grows restless just by sitting still for a few hours. If the phone isn’t ringing by 8 am on a Saturday morning to go do the countless things that satisfy my soul – rock climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing – I’m an anxious mess. Or at least that’s how I used to be. Now, I look forward to sleeping in, going out to breakfast or mowing the lawn. Seriously, what the…

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A Boy’s Life

I’m having my first child in less than a month…a boy, in fact. Like any father-to-be, I’m going through a range of thoughts, worries and anxious moments. I’m not sleeping very well and I’m already tired from anticipation and uncertainty. This of course, is not a good situation since months of true sleeplessness are just around the corner. Everyone says, “Get plenty of rest now, because you’ll need it when the baby arrives.” Thanks for the sage advice folks but I’d love to know how y’all caught Z’s with your baby ready to join the population in four weeks. Truth is, my sleepless nights are nothing compared to my wife, Samantha’s frustrating nighttime struggles. With 30 extra pounds up front, an intense urge to pee every 20 minutes, minimal position options and an active little boy routinely kicking 30 yard goals in her belly, sleeping is a chore at best.

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Most influential architect ever?


It’s no secret that I’m an obsessed fan of all things mid-century modern. I love the design, and particularly the architecture of that era. I own a mid-century ranch (some call it an atomic ranch) that was certainly influenced (even indirectly) by the early work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Flat roof, open floor plans, post and beam and linear forms all take cues from FLW. I was fortunate enough to visit his iconic, Fallingwater House in Pennsylvania recently and fell in love with Wright’s vision all over again.


Calling Portland Cool is so 1990

Hey, guess what? Portland, Oregon is cool now. Seriously, everyone’s talking about it. New Yorker Magazine, Time Magazine, Spin Magazine – they’re all just plain nutzo about this new Portlandia show on the IFC network and everything else about this crazy town. I suppose all the dandy Portland fashion designers cutting cloth on Project Runway and that snarky Voodoo Doughnuts getting the spotlight on The Food Network has contributed to Portland becoming the epicenter of cool. I mean, a major UK news source known as The Guardian picked Portland as one of the top five places ON EARTH to live thanks to all the attention lately.

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